Image to Text Converter

To extract text from image, we introduce a free online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service. Upload a photo to the image to text converter online, click on convert and get your text file instantly.

Max file size : 1 MB
Upto 100MB Go Pro

An image to text converter is a tool that can recognize text in an image and convert it to editable text. Here's how to use an image to text converter:

Choose an image to text converter: There are several online image to text converters available, such as OCR.Space, Online OCR, and Free OCR. Choose one that you trust and feel comfortable using.

Upload the image: Once you have chosen an image to text converter, upload the image you want to convert to text. Most converters allow you to upload images in various formats, such as JPEG, PNG, and BMP.

Select the language: Choose the language that the text in the image is written in. Most image to text converters will automatically detect the language, but you can also select the language manually.

Convert the image to text: Click on the "Convert" or "Convert Image" button to convert the image to text. The tool will then display the recognized text in the output field.

Edit the text: Once the text has been recognized, you may need to edit it for accuracy. Check the recognized text against the original image to ensure that all text has been accurately recognized.

Copy the text: Once the text has been edited, you can copy the recognized text from the output field and use it for various purposes such as pasting it into a document or using it for your website.

In summary, an image to text converter is a useful tool for recognizing text in an image and converting it to editable text. By following the above steps, you can quickly and easily convert the image to text and use it for various purposes.